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To Pakistan

May 30, 2009

Hello & Welcome to Pakistan !

This blog will be focusing on All Things Pakistan ; From the dark political scene (led by the Head of the Illiterate Army) to the real strength of Pakistan (The People of Pakistan).

Pakistan was one of the best places to live, it still is ! Yes, it still is………We all together will make it happen again !

Yes the situation is gloomy and getting worse but we will rise and will show the World that Pakistan wasn’t meant to disappear or to be helpless in times of trouble.

People of Pakistan, start to think and act positive and try to question yourself, your contribution against all this Country, this beautiful country has given to you ! Think and Ponder !

We have the greatest thought provoking, heart warming literature & philosophy ! We have the hardwork of our scholars in our libraries, in our homes, we have to just start to pay attention to what they meant 1400 years ago, then just recently 50 Years ago.

People of Pakistan, our religion is peacful and tolerant, but its time that we have to prove it ! We have to be peacful and tolerant to everything which is in-tolerable ! Not that we will smile and welcome if someone come close to our borders or try to damage the integrity of our motherland – thats a different story.

Well, thats what my mind was thinking at the moment that we have to start pondering on ourselves and the harm we have done to our beautiful country by just expressing love and gratitude and not practically proving it !

Stop thinking ; Start Writing ; Start spreading the message the way Iqbal did, the way Mohd Ali Jauhar did ; lets show the world, our determination which we have inheritted by our founding father “Mohd Ali Jinnah”.

Pakistan Paindabaad…………..!

Love to all